• Extremely Rare Coins from a Long Forgotten U.S. Mint

    Did you know there used to be a mint in Dahlonega, Georgia? Many people don’t. The short-lived mint only issued three types of gold coins, making them exceptionally rare. In fact, gold coins produced at Dahlonega are some of the most sought-after collectable coins in the U.S. Like many of the original U.S. mints, the […]

  • Why the 2014 Proof Sets Are Hot

    Proof sets—in particular this one—are a must-have for any serious coin collector. Last month the US Mint released the official 2014 proof set. And despite the release of popular coins like the Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative and the Golden Eagle, it’s very likely that this year’s proof set will be 2014’s top-selling coin product. […]

  • The Top 10 Hottest Spring Jewelry Trends

    Rejoice! Spring is officially here. With the warmer weather and longer days comes another exciting springtime ritual, spring fashion! And we have a list of the hottest jewelry trends you need to know to look your absolute best. From yellow gold to Native American–inspired designs, heirloom jewelry is all the rage this year, and you […]

  • The Top Five Most Notorious Mint Robberies

    While there have been many robbery attempts at the United States Mint, most would-be thieves don’t make it out the door with the money. Here are the stories of five robberies that were at least initially successful— and what happened to the stolen money. 1. The Denver Mint Robbery On the afternoon of December 18, […]

  • The Coin Flip That Shaped Northwest History

    In the mid-19th century, the area that is now Portland, Oregon, wasn’t much more than an endless stand of ancient evergreens rising around the banks of the Willamette River. One day in 1843 or 1844, while traveling from Fort Vancouver to Oregon City by canoe, a pioneer from Tennessee and a lawyer from Boston stopped […]

  • Couple Finds $10 Million Worth of Gold Coins

    Imagine this: you take your dog out for a walk on your property. You’re strolling down a trail you’ve walked down for years, but today something catches your eye. It’s just the lip of a rusty can that’s popped out of the ground, but you bend over to take a closer look and pull it […]

  • Gold and Silver Roar Back

    Upon reading a newspaper account of his demise, Mark Twain wrote to the New York Journal, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” Much the same could be said about last year’s reports of the “end of the gold era,” which seem to have been way off the mark in light of the recent […]

  • What An Olympic Gold Medal Is Really Worth

    With the start of the Winter Olympics, the whole world has turned its eyes toward Sochi, Russia — and everyone is dreaming of gold. Here are some details about the tradition of awarding medals in Olympic history, as well as the lowdown on the gold, silver and bronze medals at this year’s Olympic Games in […]